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Noise figure of PbSe-quantum dot fiber hybrid Raman amplifier



  1. Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Alexandria University, Mohrambeik 21511, Alexandria, Egypt
  2. Faculty of Engineering, Basic Engineering Science Department, International Academy of Engineering and Media Science, Cairo, Egypt


Noise figure (NF) of the simulation of a hybrid multi-doped PbSe Quantum Dot (QD)/Multi-pumped Raman fiber amplifier for several commercial Raman fibers, which would present a highly tunable optical amplifier are presented. The NF dependence on the Raman fiber length and pumping power, the PbSe QD fiber length, and pumping power are studied and analyzed. Our results are presented graphically and show an increase in the NF with increasing the Raman fiber length and pumping power, however, the NF decreases at higher wavelengths with increasing PbSe QD fiber length and pumping power. Curves for different Raman lengths all converge to a value around 3.3 dB with increasing signal wavelength, this is also observed for different Raman fiber lengths curves. A QD fiber of length 20 cm with 300 mW pumping power decreases the NF of the Raman only fiber by around 6.0 dB, the same decrease in NF is also observed by a 150 mW pumped QD fiber with a 44 cm length.


Raman, Quantum dots, Hybrid optical amplifier, Noise Figure.


O. MAHRAN, N. El-NOHY, H. IBRAHIM, Noise figure of PbSe-quantum dot fiber hybrid Raman amplifier, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials - Rapid Communications, 15, 5-6, May-June 2021, pp.223-231 (2021).

Submitted at: Oct. 8, 2020

Accepted at: June 11, 2021